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This weekend I won the first prize of the EAR-ly competition 2018 for instrumentalists and singers from the Nordic and Baltic countries. The competition is organized by NORDEM and I am very happy and honoured to have been awarded the first prize. The jury words were that Clara Guldberg Ravn won because of her “varied and convincing playing, the good dramatic line in her program, and the clearly professional level of her whole approach”.

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  • Writer's pictureClara Guldberg Ravn

This spring I completed my studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and what could be more fitting than celebrate it with the Swedish composer, Johan Helmich Roman, and a movement from one of his amazing flute sonatas. Here live together with Jonas Nordberg, archlute, Stina Petersson, cello and Anna Paradiso, harpsichord.

  • Writer's pictureClara Guldberg Ravn

A short video with clips from this marvelous piece.

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