In her solo program, Clara Guldberg Ravn attempts to capture the transience and elegance of the music and hopes to leave a lasting impression in the listener’s soul or mind, or just to illuminate the brief hour spent together. The program consists of music from more than 600 years–either written specifically for the recorder, or arranged for it.

Clara’s EP on Spotify

Clara Guldberg Ravn and Johannes Geworkian Hellman 

The duo met during their studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and had their premiere at the Stockholm Early Music Festival 2016. With virtuosity, passion, and joy they invite the listener into their musical space of medieval music, improvisations and various arrangements for recorder and hurdy-gurdy.

Clara Guldberg Ravn and Marcus Mohlin

Marcus and Clara met during their studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and together the offer a program called ‘Who is it that enchants this meeting so?’, which is a quote from the Danish poet Inger Christensen and refers to the many enchanting meetings there can be at a concert. The program consists of Scandinavian music by Morten Ræhs, Johan Helmich Roman, Ingvar Karkoff, Dietrich Buxtehude amongst others. For music example see EP under solo presentation.

Collaboration with the composers Johan Blixt and Gustav Lindsten

Johan, Gustav and Clara met at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and during their studies they initiated a collaboration working with music for the relatively new recorder model, the Eagle. In 2019 Clara premiered two pieces for Eagle recorder, string quintet and electronics by Johan and Gustav.

SOL – musikteater for børn og unge

Inger Øvrebø Uberg, vocal, Emma Fagerström, vocal, Yngvild Ruud, accordion and Clara Guldberg Ravn, recorders cam together in SOL in the fall of 2018 and have created one performance for children about losing someone or something that you care about. It is made for children from the age of 4 to 8 years. Watch the trailer below:

Trio Euterpe

Trio Euterpe is an international recorder ensemble of three young musicians: Jana Langenbruch, Axel Siberov and Clara Guldberg Ravn. They met during their studies with Dan Laurin at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and have since then given concerts in Sweden and Denmark with different programs, such as a medieval program, a program with music connected to Martin Luther, and a mixed program with music from the Middle Ages till today.

In this video from her bachelor exam in 2015, Clara Guldberg Ravn appears with a number of other musicians she plays with as well, such as Marcus Mohlin and Leo Gavel.